Bally and Stern Rectifier board.
Available at Steve Young's The Pinball Resource and John's Jukes Ltd!

Works with Stern TA 100 and Bally AS-2518-18, AS-2518-49 boards.
Plug and play replacement rectifier board.
LEDs are provided for each power supply voltage.
Heat sinks are provided for all three bridge rectifiers.
Top mounted heavy duty 35 amp bridge rectifiers for added reliability.
Through hole design for easier soldering and serviceability.
All PinHead Rectifier boards are professionally wave soldered using high quality ultrapure solder designed by Kester, the leading manufacturer for solder. This greatly improves the aesthetics and reliability of all solder joints.
High temperature 170tg FR-4 material is used along with extra thick copper and flooded ground plains, which helps reduce noise and dissipate heat.
High temperature polycarbonate fuse cover to protect you from high voltages.
Meets current ANSI/IPC-2221 specifications.
Includes an additional ground terminal, which provides an alternate path for the ground plain and relieves stress from the existing E8 ground connection.
Increased the resistance value of the power resistors to decrease operating tempature. Also increased the power rating of R2 from 10 watts to 15 watts.
Every board has clearly marked E connections on both sides of the board for easy installation.
Includes an accessory pack with all of the necessary parts for mounting the new board and rebuilding those old worn out and burnt connectors.
Includes all fuses.
Compatible with Future Spa, KISS and Space Invaders.

An accessory pack is included with each PinHead Electronics replacement Rectifier Board:

3 Molex keying plugs
4 PCB standoffs
9-pin Molex plug
10-pin Molex plug
20-pin Molex plug
40 Molex Trifurcon style contacts